There are numerous romantic things to do in London, however many couples miss out on the opportunity to enjoy, explore and share memorable intimate moments together whilst in London because of their lack of awareness. I am glad to inform you that this section will increase your awareness and would inevitable draw you closer to
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Helicopter Tour

Helicopters are available for private charter, corporate days and major sporting events. If you want to see London from 1,000 feet up you can book in for a VIP helicopter tour and lunch in your own private helicopter.The chopper will glide you across picturesque skies, as you’re hospitable and experienced instructor answers any questions you
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This is especially for the couple or family who would love to escape everything urban in London and connect with the greenery scattered all through London. For the couple who admire and appreciate nature, embark on one of the walks in London for a day out walking, talking, taking a break at any of the
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Without a doubt, if there is an experience that you will remember as a couple, it will definitely be Jet Skiing. It is an adrenaline rush that will keep you entertained. Lagoona Park is about 45 minutes from London. I guarantee that it is an experience you will never forget. More Info